Cataloguing and search application to discover Capacity Building resources : GEONETCAB Catalog

An online user access is available :
OGC CSW compliant service :

In the Framework of the european project GEONetCab (GEO Network for Capacity Building), a catalog of Capacity building resources all around the world with a special emphasis on developing countries, new EU member states was built.
This catalog references more than 300 resources and gives access to various kind of useful resources through interoperable metadata and web services :

  • Directory of resource providers, technical experts,
  • Open source software,  
  • Sponsorised EO resources,
  • Thematic EO product,
  • Tutorial and technical guidines.

More specifically, GEONetCab implements specific methodological supports to build application based on EO product such as :

  • Marketing toolkit for each SBA,
  • Sucess stories as a reference to emphase the good pratices.

The Geonetcab catalog offers a friendly search engine. Semantic components are availables to help the user to formulate his request and also to browse the results.

Expanding the existing inventory
 The inventory is going on and will go on after the project ended. Also you can contribute to the inventory by adding new resources to the portal. If interested in, please go to the web site part contact, then choose Partner's Project and send an email to Jean-Christophe DESCONNETS (

How to add a new resource  (Note: you should first have asked for an user account)

  1. Ask for an user account to the administrator of the application :
  2. Add a new resource using the user guidelines : GeonetCABCatalogEntryGuide-EN.pdf

Technical overview

Geonetcab catalog application is based on an open source software called MDweb ( which implements the geographic international standards.

Interoperability principles

  • Metadata model : the description of the capacity Building resources is based on the international standard ISO 19115 on which an extension is proposed to take into account the specificity of Capacity Building and to also describes the relationships between the describing resources. The XSD file describing the ISO 19115 extension
  • Catalog service : all the Capacity Building describing are accessibles throught the OGC Web Catalog Service (CSW 2.0.2 AP ISO 1.0). Two CSW end points are availables
  • Vocabulary service : to deliver the vocabulary to annotate the resource, a SKOS thesaurus web service is available. He delivers throught a simple API which exposes in SKOS a Capacity Building Thesaurus.

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