Project Objectives

The purpose of the EOPOWER project is to create conditions for sustainable economic development through the increased use of Earth observation products and services for environmental applications. This purpose serves the higher goal of effective use of Earth observation for decision making and management of economic and sustainable development processes.
The EOPOWER project builds on the results of the GEONetCab project. The GEONetCab project produced global and regional marketing studies, success stories, marketing toolkits and valuable feedback from promotion activities and quick-win projects. This enables the EOPOWER project and the partners involved to benefit fully from the experience of the GEONetCab project.

The following instruments are particularly useful:
The studies on marketing of Earth observation products and services, part 1 and part 2, provide an analysis of bottlenecks and opportunities for the successful application of Earth observation solutions. Part 1 describes the optimum marketing mix for promising Earth observation products and services based on a framework of the business process model, along the dimensions of the expert system development life cycle, the GEO (Group on Earth Observations) Societal Benefit Areas, taking into account regional differences. Part 2 shows successful applications and examples of funding for (development of) Earth observation applications. Regional studies on Poland, the Czech Republic, Southern Africa and French-speaking Africa yield a wealth of information about the current situation in Earth observation.
Success stories showcase applications of Earth observation that are sustainable, feasible, have replication potential and are of societal benefit. They are just 2 pages long and are targeted at a public that is interested in, but not necessarily familiar with, Earth observation (and are consequently written in a language that a non-technical public can understand).
Marketing toolkits have been developed for all GEO Societal Benefit Areas or parts thereof. They are designed to reach target groups of decision-makers, engineering professionals and local communities. The toolkits can be adapted for use at different occasions and for different target groups. The toolkits show international trends dealing with a specific subject, such as disaster management, the steps that are needed to promote Earth observation solutions, tools for fundraising and capacity building. In this way easy access is provided to implicit knowledge that exists in the Earth observation community and elsewhere, but is difficult to find.
All the information of the studies, success stories and toolkits is gathered in the capacity building web. The capacity building web is a repository where people can find links to reference material, tutorials, training opportunities and free and open-source software. The capacity building web is integrated into the GEO web portal.

The EOPOWER project builds on the experiences of the BalkanGEONet, OBSERVE, enviroGRIDS, SEOCA and EGIDA projects as well and, of course, on the expertise and experience of the individual project partners.

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