WP7: Empowering economic development Czech Republic and Slovakia

Based on the results of the GEONetCab project, the objectives are to build on the experiences in the Czech Republic, extend the capacity building and dissemination activities to the Slovak Republic, networking with and between EO organizations (academic, state, private sector) in the Czech and Slovak Republics, valorisation of scientific results and general EO promotion in both countries. This will lead to wider use and implementation of EO technologies with a significant impact on economic empowerment as a contribution for sustainable economic development.

Task T7.1- Updating the inventory of EO resources in the Czech Republic
Keep the inventory of EO resources and technologies in the Czech Republic up-to-date.
Target: local authorities, communities.
The output of the inventory will be provided to a wide range of authorities (Czech Ministry of Environment, regional and local administration authorities, National Parks administrations, Czech Space Office, Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic etc.) and communities (teachers on secondary level of education, Universities, general public). The access will be online.

Task T7.2- EO dissemination in the Slovak Republic
The Czech part will serve as a feedback node and model for the activities in the Slovak Republic. The following activities are carried out: EO resources inventory in the Slovak Republic, the collection of success stories, establishment of quick-win projects in Slovakia, monitoring of results.
Target: local authorities, communities.
The results of the resources inventory and the success stories examples will be again available online to all authorities and communities of interest (different levels of state administrations, nature preservation organizations, educational organizations)
A quick-win project will be established in cooperation with Tatra National Park Administration (exchange of experiences from Krkonoše (Giant Mountains) National Park based on GEONetCab project results)

Task T7.3- Networking of EO communities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia 
The Czech EO communities continue with their networking activities and will also establish a network with Slovak EO communities. A joint web portal in Czech language and regular common workshops (once a year, exchange of experiences, and presentation of best practices in EO) will serve as a common platform for the networking.

The main target group consists of universities that provide geoinformatics education and nature protection organizations on the both Czech and Slovak sides (Charles University in Prague, Comenius University of Bratislava, administration of Krkonoše National Park, Administration of Tatra National Park, Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic).

Task T7.4- Promotion of EO
Promotion of EO to public administration bodies, nature preservation organizations, and private companies in both the Czech and Slovak Republic leads to a spread and implementation of EO technologies with a significant impact on economic empowerment. This is achieved through the following tools:

  • Web portal;
  • Publication of study materials (textbooks, book of success stories, atlas of EO case studies provided by university, involved institutions and communities etc.);
  • Thematic workshops for particular groups of interest (NATURA 2000, crisis management, non-forest vegetation classification, forest management)
  • Training in EO (together with EO private organizations and the National Secretariat GEOSS/GMES of the Czech Republic and Slovakia);
  • Promotion of EO benefits in mass media;
  • Cooperation with ESA and NASA to promote free downloaded data and SW of these institutions;
  • Presentation of EOPOWER project and its results.

Target: local authorities and communities, consisting of Universities in Czechia and Slovakia, university students, secondary level education teachers and students, Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic, administrations of National Parks (Krkonoše, Tatra), private companies (Gisat, Geodis etc.), general public and stakeholders (promotion of EO benefits in mass media).

Task T7.5- Valorisation of scientific results
An increase of awareness and availability of EO scientific results is achieved at CUNI and other Czech and Slovak universities through discussions with decision-makers and stakeholders about EO scientific results (workshops, consultations...) and the demonstration of the free accessibility of the EO data source and EO tools. In addition, students’ theses in EO will be elaborated in cooperation with nature preservation organizations, private and public sector. Furthermore, EO publications will appear in school journals (Geografické rozhledy), local and community journals (Opera Concortica), popular EO and GIS journals (ArcRevue), in journals
and websites of private sector. This will be achieved through cooperation with the National Secretariat GEOSS/GMES of the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
Target: local authorities and communities, consisting of Czech and Slovak universities, decision makers, stakeholders, second level education students and teachers, university students, administrations of nature preservation organizations, private sector concerned with EO.


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