Project Description

The purpose of the EOPOWER project is to create conditions for sustainable economic development through the increased use of Earth observation products and services for environmental applications. This purpose serves the higher goal of effective use of Earth observation for decision making and management of economic and sustainable development processes.

This will be achieved through the following activities:
1. Roadshow activities to promote the increased use of EO products and services for environmental applications, including capacity building;
2. Portfolio of potential EO applications for economic development and environmental management;
3. Enhancement of the resource facility on capacity building in the GEO web portal;
4. Establishment of local focal points (nodes) that actively promote and provide capacity building on the use of EO for environmental applications effectively and at low-cost;
5. Explore the establishment of a high-level forum of stakeholders (resource providers, international organizations) that have an interest in EO for economic development and environmental applications;
6. Establishment of a central feedback node that digests and shares information on incubators, innovation, successes, experiences, visibility and provides brokerage and advice on resource mobilization.

This will result in the output presented below:
1. Opportunities created for economic development, in particular in developing countries;
2. Key international economic development processes identified that require environmental information and mechanisms to develop them in a sustainable fashion;
3. Local communities and authorities have received capacity building and are able to collaborate with international development programs, use environmental EO information and products, and engage resource providers;
4. Mechanism established to market and exploit EO applications for the creation of new innovative products and support services. 

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