WP6: Empowering economic development French-speaking Africa

This work package focuses on enhanced promotion of Earth observation applications.
Based on the experience of our work in the GEONetCab project, as the partner for the French-speaking Africa region, the objectives are summarised as follows,

  • Inventory of expertise (experts and institutions) in the French-speaking African region,
  • Presentation of the success stories,
  • Developed Quick Win Projects,
  • Identification of the bottlenecks, etc.

We were able to map the use and level of use the Earth observation (EO) in this region, which has allowed us to have a general overview of the use of the EO techniques in four areas.

  • Zone 1: low level of use of the EO,
  • Zone 2: the use of the EO moderately at an average level,
  • Zone 3: level of use of EO is developed but in structures essentially academic,
  • Zone 4: high-level of the EO is due to structures in charge of the promotion and development of the use of space technology tools.

Taking into account the geographical distribution based on the level of use of the EO, the tasks to be performed are grouped into two approaches:

Task T6.1- Development of the use of the EO
Implement actions in areas 1 and 2 to assist in and promote the use of EO tools, in the form of organizing short courses and also through showing successful examples and their benefit in other regions.

Task T6.2- Development of advanced actions
Promote the use of the EO in zones 3 and 4 to develop a process that encourages and fosters collaboration between policy makers and scientists focusing on the benefit derived from the use of EO. These contribute to the socio-economic benefits and their impact on the people and communities of the region.

Task T6.3- Promotion Network RAOCC 
The RAOCC network (African Network on Earth Observation and Climate Change) is already operational and is a Quick Win GEONetCab project, though at this stage it remains restricted to existing users in specialized structures. For the EOPOWER project, we will involve more decision makers in the network in order to encourage joint use of the EO.

Task T6.4- Dissemination
1. Continue capacity building through the use of the web, including the website of CRASTE-LF and the portals of GEONetCab, GEO, and other institutions in the French-speaking African region.
2. Provide free public information. In this way, the CRASTE-LF has already begun this process in the project GEONetCab by developing the website (www.crastelf.org.ma) and by creating connections with other portals: the action in the EOPOWER project helps develop connections with all project partners that facilitate the dissemination of information from various sources to users of EO in the French-speaking African region.


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