The Research Institute for Development is the pre-eminent French research organization dedicated to development. Founded in 1944 , attached to the Ministries of Research and of Foreign Affairs, it is a not-for-profit government-funded public organization whose general missions are to conduct research and provide training and consultancy with a view to promote the economic, social and cultural development in the Southern countries. The aim of ESPACE-DEV is to respond to the major development challenges regarding the societies and human health, earth, environment and living resources. ESPACE-DEV is operating with academic partners in France, French overseas territories, in 35 countries in Africa, Asia, Indian Ocean, Latin America and the Pacific area.

Main tasks:

Lead of WP 3

Through its network in the tropical area, ESPACE-DEV (Expertise and Spatialisation of knowledge for Environment for Sustainable Development) joint unit researches are conducted in collaboration with Southern partner institutions. The dissemination of scientific and technical information contributes to the capacity building approach developed by ESPACE-DEV. The joint unit, composed of IRD, University of Technology and Science of Montpellier, University of Reunion Island, University of Antilles-Guyane is involved in sustainability and preservation of natural resources. Some relevant projects:

  • AMESD (African Monitoring of the Environment for Sustainable Development): Main partner of the project funded by European Development Fund.
  • OSS (Sahara Sahel Observatory): Main partner of the project which aims to establish long term monitoring network with continuously collection of ecological data, to better understand mechanisms leading to desertification through a research platform.- SEASNET: Leader of a network of satellite reception stations in Guyana, Reunion Island, New Caledonia, Canaries, Senegal.
  • AMMA (African Monsoon Multi-disciplinary Analysis): Main partner of the EU-DG Research project which aims at better understanding the West African Monsoon and improvement of knowledge and data implementation and dissemination for West African countries.

UMR-ESPACE is also involved in various FP7 projects, with special emphasis on normalised data sharing, such as NatureSDI Plus (ECP-2007-317007-Nature SDI Plus).

Staff members:

  • Jean-Christophe Desconnets: Leader of the MdWeb project, environmental Information system designer with specialisation on spatial information system (UML design, spatial analysis, environmental modelling, metadata).
  • Laurent Durieux : Geographer specialized in large scale environment monitoring, currently in charge of the GEODEV project (GEOtechnologies for DEVelopment) which aims to set up an international network of environmental observatories based on Earth observation images, to sustain development in Southern countries.
  • Isabelle Mougenot : a senior computer scientist specialized in knowledge, data and object modelling.

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