WP14: Management

Establish an effective and efficient management structure for the project to achieve the project objectives and deliver the planned outputs.

Task T14.1- General coordination and management 
UNIGE will be responsible for the general coordination of the project, while HCP international will be responsible for coordination of issues dealing with content. The project partners will form the steering group of the project, responsible for overseeing project implementation and decisions with respect to project strategy. The group of all partners will meet once a year to assess progress and discuss project planning. A special budget reservation is made to facilitate the participation of key experts or clients in project events.

Task T14.2- Advisory board 
To assess project progress and advise on project strategy and implementation an Advisory Board will be established, composed of representatives from organizations that are active in Earth observation and have a close relation with, and competence in the field of, the subject matter of the project.
The Advisory Board will be kept small to increase effectiveness. The advisory board will consist of a representative of the GEO Secretariat, a representative of EURISY and the designated programme officer of the European Commission.
The GEO Secretariat and Eurisy have confirmed their availability through a support letter (see annex 1 and 2).
As this project will be carried out as an assignment for the European Commission, it is left at the discretion of the Commission if and in what capacity they would participate in the Advisory Board for the project.
The Advisory Board will meet at least once a year, preferably in combination with GEO events.

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